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Welcome to Central London’s fastest growing young Jewish community. Young is a feeling and therefore relative. Situated in leafy St. John’s Wood –  contact us @ 

Our Synagogue
The Saatchi Synagogue is welcoming, interactive, engaging and full of tunes. We consider Synagogue a journey bringing you closer to G-d, yourself and community. Understanding what is going on and participating is integral to help you have a meaningful and enjoyable experience.
Ruach Kabbalat service at private homes has become a popular transition into Shabbat.  Shabbat & Festival services inspire all who attend, and are followed by a delicious Kiddush. 

We offer an array of  educational classes. Events for families.  And legendary  social events and parties.  Mimi Dwek Hebrew School is a weekly trend-setting Jewish educational experience for children. We pride ourselves with personable and flexible Lifecycle events (Marriage, Birth, Bar / Bat and beyond).

For a full list of our events and services click here for our 2018 Calendar


New 6 weeks Course

Course Overview What Is? A new 6 week course by JLI will challenge what you know about the universe, laws of nature; the way you perceive it, and your consciousness and perception of existence and reality. Join us as we examine the basic building blocks of our world bottom up, based on the rich wisdom of Kabbalah and Chassdism. The sessions will revolutionise your understanding of life, reality and your place in the world.

Mimi Dwek Hebrew School ’17-’18

New women’s course 


Our services are held in the Beit Midrash of St John’s Wood Synagogueand are followed by delicious and friendly Kiddush. We also welcomeperiodic guest speakers, and host a monthly Birthday Kiddush.


Ruach Kabbalat Shabbat: Winter 17:30 | Summer 18:30 – Private home.


Study session: 9:15 | Service: 9:30 | Torah Reading: 10:15


Service: 10:00

Learning @ Saatchi


Tuesday’s after school, for Reception through year 7.


Tuesday Jewish course, Monday Kabbalah class, Wednesday Talmud. (During term)

Email: for details.