Course Overview

What Is? A new 6 week course by JLI will challenge what you know about the universe, laws of nature; the way you perceive it, and your consciousness and perception of existence and reality. Join us as we examine the basic building blocks of our world bottom up, based on the rich wisdom of Jewish Mysticism. The sessions will revolutionise your understanding of life, reality and your place in the world.

Lesson One
Is the World Real? Some argue all that we experience is a figment of our collective imaginations, inside our heads: We ask: Is there existence outside of our minds? Moreover, what difference does it make if the world is real or not?

Lesson Two
Is Time Travel Possible? Some suggest time is simply a product of our subjective experience, not the driver of existence. We ask: If the future is unknown, the past lost; and the present a fleeting moment that we cannot inhabit – what part of our lives do we actually own?

Lesson Three
Why does evil exist? Good and evil are relative terms and the source of much contention, not least why bad things happen to good people. We ask: If we understood the purpose of evil, is it more palatable, and can it assist us in our efforts to defeat it?

Lesson Four
Who is G-d? If G-d cannot be explained or described, “belief in G-d” seems meaningless and even self-defeating. We ask: What are we talking about when we say G-d? Can it be more than a description of the inexplicable?

Lesson Five
What is consciousness? You are nothing; you are everything. Selfishness is a source of strife, yet healthy sense of self (self-esteem) is essential for relationships and life. We ask: How do we unravel the mystery of self-awareness and navigate the paradox it breeds?

Lesson Six
Are we bound by fate? Faith = fate, because G-d already knows what we will do tomorrow. Determinism too, reminds us of the powerful influences outside of our control: We ask: Is our sense of free choice an illusion and not free at all?